Megan M.

This review is long overdue.  I've been seeing Laurie for a year now, and I can't emphasize enough what a great acupuncturist - and listener she is.  She was able to help solve hormonal issues that all my other doctors couldn't.  What I appreciate the most about Laurie is that she looks at everything from an Eastern and Western viewpoint.  If I ask her a question she doesn't know the answer to - she finds out and gets back to me - and is so prompt over email.

I continue to see Laurie to help with other areas of health, and also as a sounding board for anything that may be bothering me health wise.  I can honestly say I value her health opinion more than anyone, and I trust she will guide me to someone else if she doesn't have the answers.  

I never knew how powerful acupuncture could be.  It's really incredible, and I can't say enough positive things about Laurie.  And Kristi too - her office assistant is fantastic!

megan m. from yelp


Teresa's right, I don't just go around saying people are fabulous. That's why places that don't get 5 stars and just 4 stars shouldn't be offended. That's just how I am.

But Laurie's amazing! She was recommended to me by Michelle Graves (who is also amazing) when Michelle was on leave. 

I never thought about this until I read someone else's review but Laurie really is a wonderful listener with a calming presence. I've had a lot of stress in my life in the past from work and a car accident. Seeing Laurie improves my pain level and overall health. But I always leave Laurie's office much more relaxed and less stressed - I think in part it's her presence in addition to her skills as an acupuncturist.

She takes care of muscle spasms, allerigies, insomnia, stress to just name a few. Like Teresa said, she will also offer suggestions for herbal remedies (even via email) and never pushes a sell which I've experienced before.


Muriel D.

Laurie Terzo is compassionate and professional. She definitely takes more time and effort into finding out the status of any health issues I have than any "regular" doctor ever did!  There is just something about her that conveys she really cares about "healing" you and is genuinely interested in any of your health concerns.  
 The office is very peaceful, and I always leave feeling very relaxed.  Laurie Terzo is great.
(She also takes some health insurance- when I went I had most of the cost covered as my "specialist".  I would still be going to her today if I had insurance.)