Do you take insurance?


My practice does not accept insurance. However, I do accept FSA, HSA, and regular credit cards. I am also happy to work with individuals by creating payment plans if needed.

Do you see clients in an office also?

At this time, all of my consultations are virtual, either by phone or video. This way, we can meet in the comfort of your own home or office without the need to travel. However, check back to this page as I will have an in-person option in Portland, Oregon coming up in the near future for those who prefer meeting face to face for consultations.

Do you practice acupuncture?

Although I have used acupuncture as part of my practice in the past, I no longer am practicing acupuncture as part of my practice. Currently, my practice is mostly functional medicine, with a Chinese medicine twist. I currently utilize labwork, nutrition consulting, herbs & supplements, and lifestyle modifications in helping the clients I serve. However, I do work closely with my client’s other health care practitioners, including their acupuncturists, primary care doctors, therapists, etc.