My Business Values...

At Laurie Terzo, DAOM, L.Ac., FABORM, we are deeply committed to green business practices and giving back to our community.

As a green business, there are many ways in which we are continually working on improving ourselves. We strive to ensure that the botanical and nutritional supplements we prescribe use only the safest ingredients, and that every batch of supplements are tested for heavy metals or contaminants.

We also look at our relationships with other businesses and strive to work with the most socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Some of the other green business practices we believe in are reducing, reusing, and recycling. We are also a paperless practice, and strive to keep our waste to a minimum.

As a company, we firmly believe health care, and reproductive services in particular, should be an essential covered right for every person. We donate 3% of the company's yearly net profits to organizations which support these values.

Laurie is also passionate about giving back to her own community. She previously volunteered for many years in Oakland, CA at an integrative medical clinic which served low-income women with cancer. There, she helped provide free health care, supplements, and herbs to underserved women. She also currently volunteers her time at Rahab's Sisters, an organization offering nutritious food, coffee, conversation and personal hygiene necessities to women in Portland who have been marginalized by the sex industry, domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, and homelessness. In addition, she has volunteered for the Portland based Butterfly Boxes, an organization which puts together bags for incoming refugees to Oregon, many with just the shirts on their backs. These bags are filled with basic necessities like toiletries and towels, comfort items like stuffed animals and dolls, and organizational tools like calendars and folders to help settle into life in Oregon.