Purchasing Supplements and Herbs

We carry many lines of the highest quality professional grade supplements. For our active clients, you may purchase these professional grade supplements and herbs through our patient portal at a 15% discount rate. Click below to be connected to our online dispensary.

A note about buying professional grade supplements online through big stores such as Amazon or Ebay: I urge everyone to buy their vitamins, herbs and supplements through a reputable place for many reasons. Many times the products you purchase at a cheaper price on these websites are any or all of the following: counterfeit and probably dangerous, useless expired products that have been repackaged as new, or stolen products released on the black market without any quality control. With the understanding that herbs, vitamins, and supplements can be pricey, I have contracted with the practitioner dispensary I use to offer a 15% discount to active clients. Should you decide not to purchase recommended products through our patient portal, my recommendation would be to buy from a local health food store or integrative pharmacy like Pharmaca which has tight quality controls in place. They may not carry all of the recommended supplements only available through a practitioner, but I am happy to work with you on what brands we can use in place that one of these stores may carry.