Women's Hormone Re-Balance Package


Are you experiencing irregular cycles, mood changes, hair loss, low energy, waning libido, or unexplained weight gain? If so, it may be time for a hormone re-balance or tune up.

Our Women's Hormone Re-Balance Package is a program dedicated to creating healthy, balanced hormones. 

If you’ve ever wanted your practitioner to really listen to the reasons you are coming in for; ask you all the relevant questions; to deeply get to know you and your health as a whole; and advise you going forward on how best to heal at a root level, then you are in the right place.

The Women's Hormone Re-Balance Package includes:

  • 5 or 10 one-on-one phone sessions with Laurie Terzo, DAOM, L.Ac., FABORM

Session 1 - An Initial Intake Session with Laurie (up to 60-minutes, by phone)

This initial intake session and review of your health history allows a thorough understanding of your current and past health. With this essential in-depth exploration, she will be able to learn how to best help you heal and reach your health goals.

During this initial session, Laurie will:

  1. Review your medical history and current complaints

  2. Review your lifestyle - including exercise habits, occupation and work habits, family and community

  3. Review your diet and nutritional intake

  4. Review any current supplements, herbs, vitamins, medications

  5. Review your health goals

Session 2 - Report of Findings and Personalized Wellness Plan with (up to 90-minutes, by phone) - After completing the initial consultation appointment, Laurie will review all received medical records, intake forms, labs, and any relevant current research pertaining to what you are coming in for. She will then create a Report of Findings and a Personalized Wellness Plan to follow over the next 4-8 months, depending on package purchased. The Report of Findings lists areas of health that may not be in optimal range, either based on functional lab ranges or questionnaire tools. The Personalized Wellness Plan focuses on optimizing all systems of your body with a focus on balancing hormones and overall body/mind/spirit. We use a six pillar approach to balancing health and hormones which includes a detailed body assessment (including labwork), stress/mindset techniques, lifestyle advice, nutritional therapy, reducing toxin exposure, and herbal/supplement recommendations.

Session 3-10 Wellness Plan Check-Ins (up to 60-minutes, by phone) - These are phone check-in appointments to assess if any changes or additions (including ordering additional labs, if needed) are needed to the original treatment plan and to review new labwork. We also go over things to both optimize hormone health and those things that may be impeding hormone balance in more detail, including sleep habits, diet, exercise, environment, lifestyle, mood, and toxins. We look at what is working and what is not working in the Wellness Plan and create strategies for addressing these things. Guidance is also given on food elimination and re-introduction, if applicable. These additional sessions also provide:                          

  • One-on-one support & guidance

  • Accountability

  • Brain-storming help with any challenges or obstacles

  • Mindfulness teaching

  • Help with healthy goal setting

At the end of either the 5- or 10-session package, a new Wellness Plan is created and discussed, with next steps for your hormone and body health mapped out.

  • An initial extensive blood chemistry Wellness Profile panel* which gives us a snapshot of where your health is at and screens for many conditions which may have an adverse effect on fertility. This includes different types of anemia; acute or chronic viral and bacterial infections; blood sugar regulation issues; liver and kidney issues; and thyroid and adrenal problems. Results of this test give us clues with where to focus your treatment and are used as a marker to track your progress. *Each Wellness Profile panel is over $300 worth of extensive blood tests. With the purchase of a 10-package session, an additional $300 worth of labs are included, depending on your needs. **Any additional testing recommended is not included in the package price.

  • Guidance on a food elimination or detoxification protocol that is right for your body, if indicated. (If botanicals or nutritional supplements for this protocol are recommended, they are not included in the price of the package and are an additional fee.)

  • 15% discount on all high grade professional supplements ordered through our patient portal supplement store.

  • Email question access with Laurie for 4-6 months, depending on package purchased. (Laurie answers email questions within 48 hours, M-F only).

Laurie usually spends about 3-5 hours of preparation time for each client enrolled in a package. This includes time spent preparing a specialized treatment plan and protocol, reviewing current research for the chief complaint, and reviewing a person’s previous treatments/health history thoroughly. With each person, she researches evidence based protocols on the issues you are coming in for and deeply thinks about your case. She looks at each person as a personal case study, where she delves into all of the details so that the issues you are looking for help with can be resolved at the root level. When the root level is addressed as opposed to just giving someone a band-aid treatment, the real healing in the body takes place and lasting results happen.

If you are interested in elevating your health to a new level, please book an appointment below.